Sunday, October 16, 2005

don't be in the drum section of a music store when your website is down

I had gone into the city to Manny's music yesterday to look at a Roland PD80R drum pad based on the fact that the guy on the phone at Manny's told me they had the pad in stock. Well, when I got there, the idjut who was at the desk couldn't find the pad in the system. Argh. Trip wasted. But just at this moment, I received a system down call. Double yarg!!

Word to the wise: when you're on a SEV 1 call, the worst place in the world is to be in the DRUM section of a music store.."What? The system card failed??! Site down??!! What??!" Truly frustrating and nerve racking. In the end, I bugged out of the city thinking they didn't have it. Also, I was more interested in getting back to Jersey to be available to help.

So today I call back to speak to the original guy to ask him "what the F happened?" This guys' name is Brian, and Brian indeed told me they had it; however, it is shared inventory with Sam Ash across the street. Apparently, the guy who helped me in the store when I got there didn't check. YARG!! So I went home, double-pissed, cause I didn't get to lighten my wallet with a new toy AND the fcking web site was down!! 16 hours later and I'm finally catch some zzz's. Harumph.

Well, today Brian was good enough to walk across the street to Sam's and verify they had the pads in stock. So I may or may not go.

how's that for a friggin weekend?


D. Bruce Stevens said...

Well, did you go? And did you buy the pad?

Snuffler said...

Sorry, forgot to update! YES! I did go the following day and got the pad. The gent was nice enough to give me a few bucks off it for my troubles, too.

The mesh pads have really helped my left arm. Now my elbow has been saved from tendonitis. Hooray!