Wednesday, October 04, 2006

trying to get HDV content back out to my cam..

Lest ye think I have been sitting on my very small, small laurels, I want all the open source, JVC HD10U fans out there know that I am still working the problem. However, I have almost given up as a result of my many trials and tribulations over the past five days with MPEGTS file formats and the JVC cam.

My journey started here:

I replicated all of the steps; however, the last step I cannot reproduce because I don't have an Apple Mac. I've tried exporting the .ts file to the cam using DVHSTool, CapDVHS and the utility that comes with the cam, but all of them give me errors. I've tested against many different versions of outputted files with little success. My last hope is that I can get a virtual Mac going using Xen, download DVHSCap to it and then try DVHSCap on the file.

say a prayer..cross your fingers..

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