Saturday, April 15, 2006

created iTunes-ready movie from MPG!

Very happy to say that I was able to create an iTunes/iPod-ready movie from an ffmpeg produced mpeg1video! Hoohah! On my second FC4 box that has all the codec libraries, I was able to use the following ffmpeg string to get the iTunes file to work:
ffmpeg -i sourceMpeg -b videobitrate -ab audiobitrate -f mov -vcodec mpeg4 -acodec aac

So, now my workflow is looking like this:
1) bring in HDV footage
2) run mpeg3toc (or rename files to .MPG)
3) edit video (make sure no hanging or truncated video tracks are there!)
4) render audio file as WAV
5) render video file as MPG and add a -i for the audio
6) outside of Cinelerra, convert to iTunes with the above command
7) convert to DVD with script

Not bad. I'm pooped. Goodnight.


kelly said...

Well, I'm proud of you. Not for the video, but for seeing it through. If you ever put up a detailed instruction set, I'll read it.


Gagazote said...

Thanks there, Kelly. I'm getting through this one step at a time. Frustrating though, as you can tell.

Right now, my blog is just the Cliff Notes version of the steps I have to do to produce a decent video. I will get around to more detailed doc. I have been updating my Beginner's Guide to Exporting from Cinelerra, though.

thanks for the comment(s)!