Thursday, October 19, 2006

HDV MPEG2 transport stream file sizes/render rates

The data rate of the 720P MPEG2-TS files output from my cam is about 108.95MB/min or 1.82MB/s. Here is a table of video length-to-size conversions.

duration size

12m 1.32GB
15m 1.65GB
18m35s 2.07GB
19m12s 2.12GB
20m01s 2.18GB
34m 3.70GB
Exporting 720P HDV from Cinelerra takes two processes:
1) render the video
2) render the audio

Here are some rendering times using mpeg2enc and mpeg layer 2 audio compression:

duration mpeg2enc render rate
63m 310m 4.92min per min of video

duration mp2 render rate
63m 6m 0.09min per min of audio

Mplex takes about 7 minutes to mux about an hour of audio and video.

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