Monday, October 30, 2006

motion experiment, part III

Update 2009/03/17
I finally put together a motion stabilization tutorial. Hopefully, it helps folks who are as confused as I using the thing.
*** end update ***

The motion stabilizer is one of the most difficult effects to use in Cinelerra, as it has so many knobs and switches to figure out. It is very frustrating.

I had more luck this time with the motion effect, but it was still very hard to get working correctly. I kept playing around with different settings, but ended up using these:
- translation block around 1/6 of entire screen
- translation block more wide than high (400x150)
- track single frame
- stabilize subpixel
- zoom set to auto in compositor

Once I did get it working, I thought I did have a better feel for how the different parts interact. But the motion effect seems to be is something you have to spend a LOT of time with to get working correctly. It is still frustrating, though.

Here is the fruit of my labor:
Here was the original:
both about 3MB

I definetly think the motion is better stabilized.

I will try to post a more detailed description of the steps I went through. Perhaps even a video, as motion stabilization is a real art. I wish it could be simplified in the software.

the mule

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