Saturday, October 14, 2006

outstanding bugs/foul ups/frustration

There were a number of outstanding bugs that some of the programmers addressed. One of them was that Cinelerra keeps hanging when I open up projects. It seems to happen on projects I've built before 2.1 that I've saved as 2.1. So I've told the programmers I will test their work once they apply the patches. I drank too much coffee in the afternoon and deleted a number of files that I wish I hadn't off of my FAT partition. Stupid ass. Luckily, I have those on a second drive, so I should be OK. Another thing to do: MAKE DVD BACKUPs OF PARTITION IMAGES, PRONTO!! Ugh. What a hassle. This new rig is NOT making my life any easier!!

Tonight, I finally got to edit some video..the last band video. Amazing! It has been about a month and a half since I started the whole OpenGL/export HDV to tape excursion and while I've learned a lot, it has just been frustrating as hell. The state of HDV on Linux is pretty rough. I'm lucky I've made it this far and I wouldn't have without the help of the community, both and I'd like to finish this edit job so that I can spend some time with my girlfriend before she leaves me. As I'm editing this video, I'm a little upset by the quality: the crappy automatic gain control on the cam makes dark shots look grainy and grey and the focus fades in and out. How good of a video production will I make if the camera work sucks? Yarg. At least I've finished the edits. Off to render!

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