Saturday, October 07, 2006

seeing my cam in Linux

The troubleshooting steps here helped me out quite a bit. In short:
1) make sure you have libraw1394
2) make sure there is a link to /dev/raw1394
3) download the latest kernel (
4) make sure to select Code Maturity Options (Prompt for developement drivers) and enable IEEE 1394, OHCI 1394, and Raw 1394 support options
5) make sure new kernel sees firewire interfaces (dmesg grep 1394)
5) load the modules (modprobe ohci1394 (the firewire card)/modprobe raw1394 (interface to it))
6) check that the modoules are there (lsmod)
7) use testlibraw
8) use gscanbus

This should do it!

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