Saturday, October 07, 2006

success and failure exporting/importing video to/from camera

I should say that those notes are for HDV content, but some of them are
applicable for regular DV.

Today I spent some time with folks on the Cinelerra IRC channel trying to hook up my HDV cam for import and export functions. I used a combination of three programs: dvgrab to import/export DV content and test-mpeg2 (from libiec61883 source) or mpg1394grab for HDV export/import.

"mpg1394grab" (sorry for the typo) is used to capture IEC61883 streams to MPEG2TS format. Here is some more detail about it:

The results were as following:

            import tape  import live stream  export file to cam
dvgrab not tested works does not work
test-mpeg2 works works sometimes does not work
mpg1394grab works works n/a

mpg1394grab works better for grabbing HDV.
test-mpeg2 import command is "test-mpeg2 -r [node] [file]"
test-mpeg2 export command is "test-mpeg2 -t [node] [file]"

On my Fedora Core 4 system, I have a /dev/raw/raw1394 instead of a /dev/raw1394. I don't know why.

Make sure there is a symbolic link to /dev/raw1394:
ln -s /dev/raw/raw1394 /dev/raw1394

Make sure the driver is chmod 666:
chmod 666 /dev/raw/raw1394

To compile mpg1394grab, execute this:
gcc -lraw1394 mpg1394grab.c -o mpg1394grab

My camera is the JVCHD10U. In the onboard menu system of the camera, you can change the iLink Out setting to either SW (software) or AUTO (automatic). The JVC must be set to AUTO for Linux to recognize the cam. This is different than XP, which requires the camera setting to be SW.

For dvgrab, the camera must be set to DV/DV
For mpg1394grab and test-mpeg2, the camera must be set to MPEG2/HD

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