Sunday, February 11, 2007

MediaGate - Ximeta NDAS troubles with Linux

The MediaGate MG-350HD is a little wireless device that allows me to view my Cinelerra creations on my HDTV.

So, I'm trying to get it to work smoothly with Linux, as that's where my HD source files are. However, HD files will only play on the MediaGate if the files are either:
1) accessed via network share over wired connection or
2) copied via NDAS drivers to the hard drive installed in the thing

Ximeta ( are the makers of the network direct attached storage (NDAS) that the MediaGate uses. I don't have a hard run down to my entertainment center, so I've been pulling my hair out in order to get the NDAS drivers working. The problem with this is that the drivers seem to work on XP only. The Linux drivers on Ximeta's site don't work worth a damn. They fail on my fedora and redhat enterprise boxes and on the two Ubuntu installs (6.0.6/6.1.0) that I did this morning. Yarg. In addition, I've tried upgrading the firmware to no avail. The frustrating thing is that the firmware is supposed to fix a problem where the MG can't do wired and wireless connections at the same time. In point of fact, the firmware upgrade has BROKEN wireless. Double YARG!!

2/11 Update: I've since fixed the wireless by first doing an AP (access point) scan of the enviroment first, and then changing the wireless mode to Ad Hoc to configure the security settings of my specific router. Gads!

So I think I'm just going to leave it wired upstairs for now, copy over the HD content when its ready and bring it back down to the HDTV. What a waste of time..I'm going to send the bozos an email.

2/19/2007 Update: A wirelessly mounted MediaGate is now working!!

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