Saturday, June 09, 2007

Fedora Core 6 virtual Cinelerra machine for VMware

I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to create a Fedora Core 6 VMware virtual machine for VMware Player. This virtual machine (vm) has the latest Cinelerra CVS version 1009 compiled and installed on it, of course, along with a bunch of supporting applications:
avidemux2 flash mplayer vlc xine

I'm thinking the main use for this vm is for render farms. So that someone who has access to a large number of PCs can setup VMware Player or Server.

Here are some instructions on how to install VMware Player on Linux:

By the way, I believe audio only works using VMware Player, rather than VMware Server. Also, if you try this vm for actual editing, you'll probably get a lot of audio drops unless the machine hosting the virtual guest is very, very powerful (greater than 3.0Ghz single core).

In case you try this vm and get no audio, here's a solution:

Also, I've left the default display at 1024x768.

The virtual machine is gzipped and is about a gigabyte in size (1,151,131,294 bytes). Have fun downloading it!

Root password is crazedmule
The nonroot user is "cinelerra" with the password cinelerra

Update 2009/04/03
I've superceded this VM with a 64-bit version. This vm uses Fedora 10, x86-64 and will only play on Intel machines that support 64-bit OSs:
*** end update *** ~3GB

Hopefully, someone will find this useful. Please drop me a to hear from you.
The Mule!

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