Monday, January 14, 2008

MediaGate MG350HD v1.1.7 firmware

For my MediaGate MG350HD wired and wireless media player:

I upgraded to the latest MediaGate firmware version 1.1.7. The previous version I was using was 1.1.1beta. With that version, I had been experiencing poor playback of HDV MPEG-TS videos. The video would stutter and the audio would drop out. I downloaded the upgrade from here:

MediaGate firmware upgrades are always a pain in the ass because when the new firmware is written to the device, the configuration of the device gets reset and you need to re-enter all your configuration information. Most painful is entering the wireless security information. A long WEP key password is particularly painful because you have to enter the 20+ alphanumeric key using the remote. And, the video output settings are similarly reset, so instead of viewing the menus in HD, I have to use the separate composite connection and then reset the output type and resolution to DVI, 1080P. Ugh.

On the brighter side, once I got my wired and wireless network and display settings re-input, I was very pleased to find out that the video freezes and audio drop outs for the HDV MPEG-TS videos had been eliminated! Thanks MediaGate, for fixing those problems!

In addition, the new 1.1.7 firmware has an FTP server, so I no longer have to install the kludgy NDAS drivers.

Setup of an FTP Server with the MediaGate is easy:
  1. Start up your 1.1.7 Mediagate
  2. Press "Setup" on your remote
  3. Navigate to the "FTP Server" section of the setup
  4. Enable the FTP server
  5. If you wish to change the username and password, do so here
  6. Save your settings
  7. Verify the MediaGate is on your network. Use "ping [IP address of the MediaGate]" either wired or wirelessly) to make sure the device is on the network
  8. Test FTP access by logging in from another machine on your network. From the command line, this would entail a command such as "ftp [IP address of the MediaGate]".
  9. If you get a connection via the above command, enter your username and password. You should be good to go!
So I can now upload files directly to the MediaGate via good old FTP! Nice job, MediaGate!

One suggestion for the MediaGate people is to create a firmware upgrade that does not wipe out my configuration information. That would be greatly appreciated.


Joseph Corredor said...

Anyone happen to have the last version 1.1.11?

Joseph Corredor said...

Anyone happen to have v1.1.11? I really need the last update and is out! Thanks ahead of time!