Saturday, November 22, 2008

video distribution and the blogosphere

After having this blog for a few years now, I've been thinking about the entire chain of events that occur when producing a video. So I mapped out the different components of this production workflow in relation to distribution and marketing via the blogosphere.

The Blogging Ecosystem
In the clickable map below, I've listed the major steps in the production chain, as well as specific subjects within each step. Go ahead and click on anything in the picture and it will take you to a summary of that particular topic or a direct resource on the web. Some of this is old hat for readers, but it was helpful to see it holistically, as an ecosystem of sorts. The flow represents a way to distribute one's video creations (content) over the web and get some eyes looking at that content.

(the graphic is hotlinked, so click on a subject for further investigation)

In general, the white boxes represent steps that the producer is responsible for; the blue box represent actions taken by the consumers of the content. The main steps are:
-having an idea for a video and storyboarding (not shown)
-acquiring source content (video/audio/imagery)
-bringing the idea to life via a production workflow
-distributing that video via the web
-syndicating the content via rss feed
-having individuals consume that feed
-monitoring and analyzing the consumption
-promoting and marketing of content
-perhaps making some money one day

If you click on any part of the graph, you'll be able to dig down further into the resources I've provided. As it will require some explaining, I'll probably do a follow up video to this graphic.


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