Wednesday, November 29, 2006

very simple interpolate effect experiment

I wanted to use the interpolate effect to mimic motion, or at least generate a smooth flow between static images. I thought I might be able to use this effect for video overlays and such.

For the experiment, I used four png images, each with a green dot near the center of each image. For each image, I moved the dot a bit so that the arrangement of the four images on the Cinelerra timeline would show a circle of green dots when played back. First, I imported each still frame into a Cinelerra project formatted to 30fps and 320x180. Then, I stretched each png to the length of 30 frames using the "align cursor on frames" option and then re-added the first png image to the end of the timeline in order to complete the circle of dots. Finally, I added the interpolate effect with an "input frames per second" value of 1.

Here is the resultant video with no interpolate effect (17Kb).

Here is the video with the interpolate effect applied (38Kb).

It does mimic movement, but is not very interesting just yet. I will try to add motion blurs to enhance this.

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