Sunday, March 04, 2007

perspective effect used for titles

To begin a recent video, I wanted to simulate the Star Wars introductory title trick, where the titles start close and then fade off into the distance. To do this, I used the Perspective effect. I began with a very simple scrolling title. Note that a Motion Type of "Bottom to Top" is selected, as well as a speed to provide the motion:

I began the experiment with a very plain title:

I then applied the Perspective effect to the title:

And clicked on the magnifying glass to start playing around with the parameters of the effect:

The grid shown represents a flat, two-dimensional space, but grabbing and moving each of the four corners of the grid will create the illusion of three-dimensional space:

Note in the above image that the lower grid corners have been pulled and stretched wider than the dialog box in order for the titles to be really stretched. This enhances the perception of depth, as shown below:

It is extremely effective to apply the perspective effect in combination with some motion. Here is the final result:

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