Monday, February 12, 2007

the big picture

With the dualdvd archive piece and scripted workflow, I was able to optimize a couple of pieces of the video production lifecycle:

idea creation -> storyboard -> production -> distribution -> marketing -> archive

Update 2008/11/22
I've added a few more details to my workflow in a new post here.
end update

I fear I'm spending too much time on the production piece and all the associated technical details. However, from a business perspective, the devil is in the details and if you have a good workflow, that means that you can do more in less time and be able to dedicated more time to the more creative/marketing aspects. So I don't think it is for nothing that I am doing this. Too bad I can't get those darn Ximeta NDAS drivers to work on Linux!!


Biby Cletus said...

interesting stuff you have got here keep up the good work.

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Cacasodo said...

I posted something new on the same subject. You might find it interesting:

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