Sunday, April 29, 2007

resources for HDV and HD information

Here's a few online links I compiled over the years about HDV as well as a couple links to existing and new books coming out. Hope they are useful.

Beginner's Guide to High Definition Video

Video Primer for Photographers

HDV resources from the above site:

Understanding HD formats (first link from micro$oft..sssssh!!)

This article was a very good intro, but now its 404:

Good article about data rates and GOP info:
Shoot Review - JVC JY-HD10 (Aug 1, 2003)

How To Edit HDV (Sep 1, 2003)

HDV Sweet Spot (Sep 1, 2004)

HDV in the Real World (July 1, 2005)

Random HDV articles

HDV in India (Mar 1, 2004) (more tech info at bottom of article)

HD to DVD (Apr 1, 2005)

Archived info about the now old JVC HD10U

Working with HDV: Shoot, Edit, and Deliver Your High Definition Video
HDV : What You NEED to Know! **Second Edition**, The Complete Guide
How to Shoot, Edit and Distribute HDV: The Complete, up to Date Guide to Working with the HDV Format
Video Shooter: Storytelling with DV, HD, and HDV Cameras (DV Expert Series)
High Definition Postproduction: Editing and Delivering HD Video

and coming soon:

How Video Works
Publication Date: 11 May 2007

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